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Integrated Surface Dataset from NOAA

Hosted by students of Fudan University


  • We have compiled and indexed the NOAA public weather data from 1901 to 2018. Includes interannual data on 700,000 sites*year, totaling approximately 2 billion weather data, including temperature, dew point temperature, air pressure, wind direction, wind, cloud rating, 1 hour precipitation, 6 hours precipitation.
  • 我们整理并索引了NOAA发布的从1901年至2018年的地面气象数据,约70万个站点*年份,总计约20亿条数据。包含气温、露点温度(湿度)、气压、风向、风速、云量、1小时降雨量、6小时降雨量。
  • Since the NOAA website was closed we open our database to the public for free.
  • 鉴于NOAA站点受美国政府停摆影响而关闭,我们将整理好的数据库在这里免费向公众开放查询。
  • You can either request download in our Web Support System or search using the API.
  • 你可以直接在我们的帮助系统上申请数据下载,也可以使用我们的API。
  • API usage: "[ ]&wban=[ ]&year=[ ]&month=[ ]&day=[ ]&auth=[ ]"
  • The return format of the API is JSON.
  • You can get auth code form here.
  • 请在这里申请API密钥。
  • If you need bulk data, please contact: liuzx16(#AT#)
  • 另提供数据分析和计算服务,请搜索淘宝店“亚技信息技术”,或点击链接咨询。
  • Thanks to Wang Qianru from Wuhan University for her contribution to this database.